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Contact the experienced team at CSI for the best in civil engineering consultancy. Located in Benicia, we serve clients throughout the state of California. Contact us today and inquire about our free estimates.


At CSI, we are proud to have more than 30 years of experience in residential and commercial development. Provided to residential and commercial developers, our development services include:

- Tentative and Final Subdivision Maps
- Parcel Maps
- Improvement Plans
- Utility Plans
- Master Plans
- Drainage Studies
- Project Entitlements
- Liaison with Public Agencies
- Land Use Matters
- Rezoning Applications
- Use Permits
- Easements
- Land Mergers and Right of Way
- Development Feasibility Studies
- Permit Processing
- Erosion Control Plans


We also provide commercial projects where we assist architects and commercial property owners with projects, and as a company, we have over 30 years of experience. Our services include:

- Site Plans
- Roads, Parking Lots and Loading Docks
- Utility Plans
- Parcel Maps
- Use Permits
- Drainage Studies
- Liaison with Public Agencies
- Erosion Control Plans
- Land Use Matters
- Rezoning Applications
- Feasibility Studies
- Traffic Studies
- Permit Processing


We have over 30 years' experience providing the following services to cities, counties and other public agencies:

Roads and Highways

- Design of Roads, Intersections, Signals, and Bridges
- Road Rehabilitation
- Signal Design
- Traffic Modeling and Transportation Planning
- Right of Way Acquisition


Water Systems

- System Modeling - Pipeline Design - Treatment Plant Design - Storage Tanks

Construction Management

- Constructability Review - Owner Representative Services - Value Engineering

Construction Inspection

- Capital Improvement Projects - Subdivisions - Commercial Projects

Improvement Plan Checking

- Development Plans
- Coordination between Local and State Agencies
- Environmental Impact Reports Subdivision Maps
- Hydraulics
- Design of Storm Drains, Channels, Outfalls, Pump Stations and Culverts
- Flood Studies


- River Geomorphology - Stream Gauging - Mining Plan Review

Electrical and Controls

- SCADA System Design - Communication Studies - PLC Programming

Master Planning

- Infrastructure Planning - Assessment Districts - Grant Assistance

Sanitary Engineering

- Sewer System Design - Pump Stations - Pipe Video and Rehabilitation